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Filter Replacement

Most Instapure filters last up to 200 gallons. Replace filters regularly for maximum filtration.

Browse Replacement Filters is focused on educating the public regarding economic and environmental costs of bottled water, and showing people how they can both save money and help the environment by using water filters to reduce their personal carbon footprint.

About Instapure

Instapure was the first ever tap filter system, invented in 1975. Since then, innovation of Instapure filters has led the industry. Our first carbon based filter provides essential reduction of chlorine, while improving taste and reducing offensive odors.

With over 30 years of innovation in water filtration and a broad international patent portfolio, the company is a leading member of the water community.

We believe in providing our customers a variety of filtration options to meet specific filtration needs at a price that fits their need, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.